OUR STORY – Red Angel Sauce


Arinze Okeke, owner and founder of Red Angel Sauce, started off an entrepreneur as DJ in Chicago. With aspirations in the music and entertainment industry, his dreams were suddenly put on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This caused great uncertainty and concern for his future, but little did he know new beginnings awaited him.

In July of 2020, Arinze hosted a barbecue for a group of friends and unintentionally created a special sauce alongside. His guests raved about the sauce and word began to spread as he received demands from local customers. With no prior interest or knowledge in the food industry, he took a leap of faith and put all his efforts in perfecting the recipe to later creating a business. As a first generation Nigerian, Arinze wants to use this opportunity to highlight his country on a global stage through Red Angel Sauce!

Red Angel Sauce is Nigerian inspired crafted with a native chili pepper, Ose-Igbo, (oh-say-eebo), also know as African Bird's Eye Chili Pepper. Ose-Igbo originates on the southeast region of Nigeria, producing heat up to 100,000 scoville units. While numerous international condiment brands are enjoyed worldwide, a Nigerian brand is uncommon, until now! Through Red Angel Sauce, Nigeria will make its mark in the international marketplace bringing new flavors right into your hands! Begin your journey now with Red Angel Sauce, The Taste to New Beginnings!